Trebnitz Castle for the local area

Alongside its international education and exchange work, Trebnitz Castle is actively engaged in participating in the local civil society. It’s been demonstrated that social commitment and a constructive-critical population are an integral component of a region fit for the future. The association therefore initiates and supports various ideas, plans and projects with the goal of making Trebnitz and its surroundings appear even more attractive and pleasant to live in for its residents and guests through the active commitment of its residents.


„Park Heroes“
The Parkhelden – „Park Heroes“ – a group of committed residents, started revitalising the historically important landscape gardens in line with the guidelines for historical garden monuments in 2011. It is their aim to develop it into an open space for local recreation, with a nature trail and opportunities for sports and cultural activities as well as, due to its closeness with the educational institution of Trebnitz Castle, an international meeting place.

Der Trebnitzer Gutspark    Teil des Parks ist ein kleiner Teich    Blick aus dem Schloss auf den Park

                                                                                                                                                     Castle Conversations
A tradition that has been running since 2009 is the ‘Trebnitz Castle Conversations‘. This is a place of open dialogue on a varying range of historical, political, cultural and regional topics. In one regard, knowledge is exchanged via presentations and podium discussions in a relaxed atmosphere of informal sharing with a glass of wine and a buffet. But in another regard, the format of the evening facilitates engaging discussions and critical analysis and debate.

Schlossgespräche   SONY DSC   070911_trebnitz_012

Autumn Festival
Autumn festivals have taken place in Trebnitz since 2008, organised by local residents together with the Castle Association. The focus, which changes its theme annually, allows for a colourful and varied programme for young and old, that extends from playing and make-and-do to culinary competitions and topical exhibitions to presentations on culinary creations, such as home-made marmalades and liqueurs. In 2012, we celebrated a special autumn festival under the motto ‘German-Polish Andreasnacht‘ (Andreas Night), prepared by local residents and German and Polish youth together. cccam

Herbstfest 2012: Andreasnacht   Herbstfest: Andreasnacht 2012   Auf dem Herbstfest 2012 kamen auch die ganz Kleinen nicht zu kurz.