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Programme 2012-2014

Location: KulturBiuro Alte Schmiede Trebnitz (Trebnitz Old Forge)
Date/ Time: 29 August – 1 September 2013, full days
Event Title: Girls’ Rap, German-Polish Rap Seminar for Women
Led by Lena Rogowska and Katarzyna Regulska-Lokanga
How can I write good lyrics? What do punchline, flow and freestyle mean? Where does charisma come from and how to I work with a microphone? Girls’ Rap is a workshop for girls and women who want to try out rapping. The objectives of the workshop are creating lyrics, rapping and recording your own songs. The wider theme of the workshop is gender identity on stage.

Workshop Programme
    • We will explain the history of hip-hop and look into the values that are connected with it.
    •   We will explain the structure of building rap songs and the stylistic features that appear most commonly in them. We will also present various techniques of creative personal and group writing. We will ask: What is important for you? What do you want to speak about loudly, and what don’t you?
    •  We will work on rhythm, breath and the voice. We will show you how charisma works and how a microphone operates. We will also work on how to overcome personal barriers that come with public appearances on stage.
    •  The workshop will culminate in recording songs in a mobile recording studio and presenting an installation with recordings as well as live performances.

Arrival: 29.8.2013, 5pm • Departure: 1.9.2013, 3pm
Cost including seminars, food and accommodation in a double room:  €150
Apply at: www.schloss-trebnitz.de/anmeldung
The Old Forge is suitable for wheelchair users.
Please contact us at 033477 / 519-12 with any questions 
South Africa in Transition: Insights into the Culture and Change Processes of the Indigenous Peoples of Venda to the North of the Limpopo Province.
Presentation with images by Thomas Handrich, political researcher and teacher from Fredersdorf, on 5 September 2013.
7pm, Entry: €3 (incl. buffet)
Supported by the Brandenburg Regional Centre for Political Education
Location: KulturBiuro Alte Schmiede Trebnitz (Trebnitz Old Forge)
Date/ Time: 20/21 September 2013, full days
Event Title: Pimp my Local Product
Ger-Pol. Oderland Design Meeting
Telephone number: 033477/519-0

“Icelandic Sagas, Part II – The Legend Never Ends”
The next castle conversation with the artists and ‘Icelandic Guest Workers’ Thorbjörn Björnsson and Ólafur Gudsteinn Kristjánsson will take place on 26 September. 7pm.
Entry: €3 (incl. buffet)
Supported by the Brandenburg Regional Centre for Political Education
Location: Trebnitz Castle/ Müncheberg Parish Church
Date/ Time: 25 – 30 October 2013, full days
Event Title: The Sombre and the Cheerful
1st festival for illustrated literature for children and young people from Germany and Poland
Telephone number: 033477/519-0

How is your bank account looking?
Compositions and Discussions on the concept of the ‘unconditional basic income‘ on 7 November 2013 (in co-operation with the Theater am Rand (Theatre on the Edge) with a bus transfer from Trebnitz via Seelow and Wriezen)

Location: Trebnitz Castle
Date/ Time: 5 December 2013, 7pm
Event Title: Oder Runs
The best film portraits from the Oder region
Telephone number: 033477/519-0