Co-operation with the Foundation ‘Children need Music’

Encouraging children to engage with music not only serves their musical talents, but also boosts their personal character, creativity, joy for learning and also their social skills. For the well-known song writer and composer Rolf Zuckowski it is especially important to give children from disadvantaged social backgrounds the opportunity to actively make and experience music.

logoFor this reason, he and his wife brought to life the foundation ‘Children need Music’. Above all, the foundation supports holistic projects in which music is combined with, for example, theatre and movement. Integrative and cross-disciplinary projects by children both with and without disabilities are part of the spectrum of activities offered by the foundation.

Since November 2012, Trebnitz Castle has been the Brandenburg regional office for the ‘Children need Music’ foundation and will be the regular venue for projects operated by the foundation.

LOGOTogether with Trebnitz Castle Association, the foundation organised a ‘school trip to music’ in February 2013 and June 2014, in which children from primary schools in Siedlec (PL), Czermin (PL), Dolgelin and Heinersdorf took part. The school children made music, danced and acted together for a week, so that on their last day they were able to proudly present the musical ‘Europe Kids’ Land’ to their parents, relatives and other interested audience members, which they had worked on and acted together. The next ‘school trip to music’ will take place in 2015. On top of that, additional formats of the musical education are in the planning stages.

Please find more information on the work of the foundation on the website:

17.06.2014 MOZ: Make music with children
22.06.2014 Märkisch Sunday: Music knows no borders

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