Welcome to the Trebnitz Castle!

The Trebnitz Castle Education and Exchange Centre is an educational institution with a political-cultural profile focusing on international exchange projects, chiefly with Poland and eastern Europe. The attractive location of the locality and castle grounds, in the Märkisch-Oderland region between the Märkische Schweiz and the Oderbruch and right on the traditional Ostbahn (eastern train line), invite you to escape everyday stress and to enjoy rural solitude.

Since it was founded on 20 March 1992, the association promotes an emancipatory upbringing by offering educational opportunities and carrying out multi-national exchange initiatives. Its primary objective is to encourage young peoples’ self-empowerment and critical faculties.

Trebnitz Castle has been the educational institution for rural youth since 2012 (Berlin-Brandenburg Rural Youth Association).

Its own educational programme comprises the following key focal points:
•    International and intercultural youth exchange (workshops covering visual arts as well as theatre, photography, film, music, circus, dance and printing workshops);
•    Historical-political and international youth education (Friedenswald, oral history and other history workshops, seminars on themes including ecology, Europe and democracy);
•    German-Polish youth participation projects in and for the border region
•    Cultural opportunities in the region (concerts, exhibitions, conversation and discussion forums);
•    Further education and conferences, for example the annual German-Polish youth forum for advocates of vocational training, who are active in the field of German-Polish co-operation.

Trebnitz Castle was presented with the German-Polish Award for 2014