Engagement for villages

What does it mean to live in “the countryside”? What potential does this life offer, what special features does it have? How do people shape this life, the community, their environment?

Our projects and offers are aimed at all active people in the rural areas of Brandenburg (and beyond) who want to implement ideas or projects and are looking for support from like-minded people. We investigate the past and the future, simultaneously we are questioning stereotypes and strengthening social commitment.


Influence of east German experiences of transformation on the formation of political opinion

Within a short period of time our world has changed extremely, our reality is characterized by experiences of fragility: Fragility of peace, climate, health, economic and geopolitical securities. According to a survey by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research, 59% of respondents in the fall of 2022 said, “I can’t understand the world anymore.” A record value for 30 years.
We interpret this value as a basic indicator for many socio-political trend developments such as: doubts about distributive justice within society, fears of decline, decreasing trust in institutions, in politics and in the future viability of representative democracy. At the same time, however, this value is also an expression of being lost in a world that is increasingly perceived as unstable and complex.
Our question is: How do the diverse new challenges in East Germany meet their own social space – which is strongly marked by profound changes that had to be mastered during the time of reunification – and how does this influence the society in East Germany?

Many topics have become contentious, but polarization does not help – we want to facilitate a better understanding of past and present events and work out references together.

Ministry for Education, Youth, Federal Program and Sport of the State of Brandenburg Live Democracy




Previous projects

Training series: Using village history in an activating way!

The history of any village has the potential to bring together the most diverse people and groups living in the village. Five modules provided creative ideas and practical guidance on how to engage with village history collectively. Together with the experts, the participants sought out ways to report historical facts and everyday history in an exciting and refreshing way – in form of exhibitions, short videos, podcasts, digital text series, photo series and eyewitness interviews.
The results from seven villages can be found on the specifically for this purpose created website dorfgeschichte-digital.de >>

Networking and training: Village Memory 2.0

By providing a networking meeting and two training events, we offered professional inspiration and support based on the implementation of history projects in the region.

Civil Society Fair

Two-day program with changing thematic focuses for committed people from rural (East-) Brandenburg with workshops, exhibitions, info events and lots of exchange about best practice and worst case.

Reality check. Tell me Brandenburg…

Who shapes the image of rural areas and how does it influence residents? A 25-minute film and a publication describe the project.

Academy of Village Heroes – the model project

Since 2017, we have been offering committed people support to help themselves. With numerous training courses, we have supported them in moving forward with their own ideas and implementing projects.