The Fieldstone Barn

The fieldstone barn, located in the listed estate ensemble, is a large multifunctional event room for a maximum of 200 people, which has been created to host concerts, meetings and conferences as well as exhibitions and seminars of fine arts. It opens up new educational and content-related possibilities for the Schloss Trebnitz Education and Meeting Centre including German-Polish cooperations and international youth work.





Technical equipment

Sound system:
Mixing console for 8 channels
2 wired microphones
2 radio microphones
2 clip-on microphones via radio
2 fixed height speakers (speech)
external battery-powered speaker via radio, for mid-range (music)

Conference technology:
10 microphone units, wired
autofocus camera
2 clip-on microphones

Projector (USB-C or HDMI connection)
Retractable screen, 16m2 (5m x 3.2m)
Daytime projection possible (skylight with blackout blinds, curtains)

Grand piano / piano
6 room dividers
3 coat racks
200 chairs
25 conference tables (6 persons each)
9 podiums (1×2 m, approx. 20 cm high)


The historical building was in a critical state, needing serious renovation – the roof covered with plain tiles had to be renewed, further, the fieldstone walls needed intensive refurbishment. Therefore, one of the few specialized companies still familiar with the old craft of fieldstone construction was hired.


Ceremonial opening of the fieldstone barn on August 31, 2020.
Together with representatives of the cities of Witnica and Gorzów, Schloss Trebnitz e.V. ceremoniously opened the newly renovated Fieldstone Barn. Numerous guests from politics and civil society in Germany and Poland accepted the invitation. The Minister for Education, Youth and Sports of the State of Brandenburg, Britta Ernst, gave the welcoming speech. Other speakers were Małgorzata Domagała, deputy mayor of the city of Gorzów Wielkopolski and Małgorzata Łopatka, deputy mayor of the city and municipality of Witnica. Ralf Meier from pro3 thereupon symbolically handed over the key for the inauguration.



Saskia Elsner
Tel. no.: 033477 519-0

The restoration of the Trebnitz Fieldstone Barn took place within the framework of the project “Borderless Triad – Nature, Culture and Education in Trebnitz, Witnica and Gorzów”, financed by the EU funding program INTERREG V A BB-PL 2014-2020.