Translimes – School in the Border region

Dietmar Woidke, the German Government’s Co-ordinator for Poland and Minister of the state of Brandenburg 

Between November 2014 and December 2016, the Trebnitz Castle Education and Exchange Centre is supporting four German and Polish schools with the Translimes project in its effort to develop and implement a school profile that will bring to life the German-Polish border region as a trans-national educational landscape. It is to address a spectrum of areas including curriculum and time within the school day as well as extra-curricular, co-operative projects.

The Translimes project combines development within the school itself together with co-operative efforts that reach out to other German and Polish schools in the border region. To serve this purpose, teachers from the four schools will, in parallel, be offered specialised training, which will enable them to share and pass on the knowledge they gain. This further training therefore faciliates that, first of all, experience is exchanged and knowledge is transferred between schools. Additionally, it supports trans-national co-operation and project realisation.

Together with representatives of the school directors, these ’disseminators’ create a driving force to co-ordinate and guide the creative process. The concrete realisation of a trans-national school profile is to take place – supported by external consultants and experts – in two days of teacher trainings as well as within the focus groups and in the school’s committee work.

Throughout the process, documenting and evaluating the project ensures that standards remain high and that knowledge is successfully transferred. The project’s experiences, methods and results will be presented to interested members of the public within the scope of a day-long forum and in a publication.